The Planning Process

Thurrock is set to change a lot over the next few years, with a growing population, new jobs, and increased investment in local services. The planning system seeks to guide this growth to the right places. To do this, all planning decisions are assessed against the Local Plan for the area, as well as taking into account a wide range of other relevant, often site specific, factors.

The current ‘local plan’ (which in this case is known as the Core Strategy and was adopted in 2011) already identifies Purfleet as a place for regeneration and growth. The vision is to deliver a mix of new homes, jobs and community facilities. In response to this, a planning application was made by Thurrock Council in 2012 and granted planning permission in May 2013 to show how this vision might be put into practice. That application though was ‘in outline’. This means that it only sought to explore the broad principles of how such a development might turn out, but didn’t go into many of the details (these are known as the ‘reserved matters’ ).

Purfleet Centre Regeneration Limited (PCRL) have sought to take matters to the next stage. Our aim has been to create a collective vision for the future of ‘Purfleet on Thames’. To do this, we prepared a fresh Outline Planning application which was submitted to Thurrock Council, the local planning authority, for their consideration in December 2017. 

Besides drawings showing the intended designs, the new application is supported by a comprehensive range of technical documents. These explain the background to the proposals, as well as the benefits that will result. They also show the results of our investigations into likely impacts and how we intend to respond to them.

Following the submission of the outline application PCRL has sought to develop the detail for the first phase of development. This detail was developed with extensive consultation to continue the aim of delivering our collective vision for Purfleet and resulted in submission of the Zone 1A Reserved Matters application in February 2018.

Submitted Planning Applications – let Thurrock Council know what you think

Below are links to Thurrock Council’s planning portal where you can view our submitted planning applications and provide the Council with your feedback. Please tell them, and us, what you think!

Outline Application

The outline application seeks permission in principle for the redevelopment of Purfleet Centre to provide new homes, schools, employment and transport networks. The application is structured around six specific parameter plans which govern specific elements of the future of the development:

  • Land Use
  • Primary Access
  • Building Heights
  • Residential Density
  • Open space and Green Infrastructure
  • Ground Levels

These plans set out areas and limits within which future development can happen.

Zone 1A Application

Zone 1A is the first phase of detail design for the Purfleet Centre Regeneration Masterplan.

The development will provide a total of 61 dwellings. The 2, 3 and 4-bedroom family houses vary from two to three storeys and are arranged on the boundary of the Hollow Woods.

  • 61 family homes
  • A new children’s play area
  • Access to an improved woodland area
  • A community orchard
  • Links to the future masterplan