Our Purfleet

Our Purfleet was created for you with the vision of a Purfleet for the people by the people! Here you can share input, opinions, questions or concerns.

The photos are our collective inspiration for the project and Purfleet’s future. We’d love you to contribute by tweeting or posting in social media using #OurPurfleet — by doing so this we can create one massive community inspiration board!

Your image might be a suggestion, an inspiration, or something you already love about Purfleet and want to celebrate. Images using #OurPurfleet shared from Instagram, on to our Facebook page, and from Twitter and Pinterest will all be captured here. Add us to Snapchat to share your snaps.

Welcome to our collective inspiration board! Contribute by sharing your pics in social media using #OurPurfleet

Future project tools - as the project gets going, and over the coming months and years, it is here you will be able to participate in in the project. Keep coming back to discover: